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The Guardian Interviews



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The Guardian - Book 1


It was a warm summer morning when the dead began to rise up and feast upon the living. The city was overrun in a matter of hours. 

The military acted immediately. They closed all the exits leading out of the area in order to contain the outbreak. They shot anyone trying to escape. 

Their methods were successful. The outbreak was contained, but all hope for the people trapped behind the gates . . . had been lost. 

The EPUA website was the only form of communication still available to the survivors. It was there that the legend of the General began to take root. He was a hero that fought back against the zombies . . . a hero that saved lives. The survivors once again found something to believe in, but the rest of the world wondered if the man truly existed. 

They were about to find out. 


The Regulators - Book 2


Book 2 of The Guardian Interviews and the Exciting sequel to The Guardian. 

El Paso, Texas belongs to the dead. It’s a nightmare town and the exits are closed. Nothing gets out and certainly, nothing gets in. Then again, nobody in their right mind would actually want to get in. 

Meet the Regulators. They kill monsters for a living. They face creatures that shouldn’t exist. Creatures that are so terrifying a normal man would be driven insane if he was lucky enough to even survive an encounter with one. 

They were in El Paso when the dead began to rise. They fought their way out, but they couldn’t save everyone. Too many people had been left behind. 

Their new mission is to extract and defend all the survivors still trapped inside the city. They have the weapons, they have the vehicles, and they have the strength of the military behind them. What could possibly go wrong?

Broken - Book 3


Book 3 of The Guardian Interviews. 

The legend of the General began when the dead rose up and feasted upon the living. He and his Regulators fought back against the zombies and saved many lives. They also gave hope to a nation when they led a band of survivors out of the city. 

Yet, their job wasn’t finished. Not all of the survivors managed to escape, so the Regulators returned to finish the job. Once again, they triumphed despite overwhelming odds. 

The General was a hero. He was the greatest warrior ever to walk the face of this earth. Everyone thought he was invincible . . . everyone was wrong. 

Now, a new threat has entered the city. A creature both stronger and faster than the General, an unrelenting force without weakness and the two of them are headed on a collision course with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Scratch - Book 4


Book 4 of The Guardian Interviews. 

The Regulators haven’t been needed since they saved the world, and things have gotten pretty boring for them–until a monster begins hunting in the pine forests in the small town of Ruidoso, New Mexico. It stalks under the light of the full moon and hungers for human flesh.

Only the Regulators can stop it from feasting upon the citizens. As the body count rises, the Regulators go into action. What happens next is a nightmarish game of cat and mouse that can only end in death.

The Regulators are back!

Tribe - Book 5


Book 5 of The Guardian Interviews. 

People have begun to mysteriously vanish inside an isolated town in the Canadian wilderness, and the monster fighting Regulators volunteer to accompany a famous Sasquatch researcher into the forest in search of answers.

They weren’t expecting to find anything, but they did.

Soon, the Regulators find themselves fighting for their lives as the Tribe proves that the forest belongs to them. 

Cursed- Book 6


Book 6 of The Guardian Interviews. 

The exciting conclusion to the three part storyline that began in SCRATCH.

The Regulators attempt to survive after a demonic assassin is set upon Jaxon.


A curse will rage

Heroes will fall
And the Regulators will be forever changed. 

The Camelot Wars



Excalibur - Book 1










Morgana’s first attack came in a red fog that wiped out all modern technology. The entire planet was pushed back into the middle ages.

Her next attack came in the green fog. The green fog carried her soldiers. Her soldiers easily defeated the weaponless armies.

The world descended into chaos.

But hope is not yet lost— King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table have been reborn.



Camelot Rising - Book 2


Book 2 of The Camelot Wars.

It’s been three years after the events in Excalibur and Arthur still hasn’t changed his ways. Now, a new threat has invaded the kingdom—the dreaded Red Knight. He leads an army of Death Reapers and plans to finish Arthur and Camelot for good.

Arthur is once again forced to play the role of the reluctant hero, unite his kingdom, and lead his armies against this dangerous foe—while his feelings for Gwen continue to grow. It’s battle after battle in this thrilling adventure that concludes with an unforgettable confrontation between Arthur and the Red Knight.

Can Camelot be saved once again?  .



The Lady Of The Lake - Book 3


Book 3 of The Camelot Wars.

King Arthur and the knights of Camelot return once more for their final battle against the forces of Morgana.

The final battle against the forces of Morgana has begun!

Arthur is no longer the reluctant hero he once was, but that doesn’t mean being King has gotten any easier. With the final battle rapidly approaching, Arthur must prepare Camelot for their toughest challenge yet, the battle that will ultimately decide the fate of the world.

Is Arthur ready to face the consequences of a victory? Is he prepared to face his only son a final time? Will Gwen be enough to tip the scales in a magical battle between Merlin and Morgana?


The Forgotten: A Vampire Story



The Forgotten: A Vampire Story


The brothers: Ancient and terrifying, they travel from town to town hunting and feeding their relentless hunger.

Selma: An innocent teenager trapped inside a web of deceit and murder. She has no idea how dangerous her life is about to become.

The undead nightmare has arrived in Southern California and the body count is beginning to rise.



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