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Book 1 of the award winning and best selling series.


Guardians have existed since the dawn of mankind.


Their origins are shrouded in mystery, but when one falls another shall rise up to take their place.


Their task is lives and destroy monsters.

Their lives are short and violent.


Now, in a small Texas town under seige by the living dead...a new Guardian will be chosen.


Unlike the others, this man plays by his own set of rules.

Things are about to get interesting.

Michal Clary has done it again with the Camelot Wars. A new take on the legend of King Arthur, done so well. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Keith Sinclair - Excalibur


Even though Jaxon is the monsters Monster, he's still vulnerable. Broken shows you just what it takes to cause this man to break. Not only is it full of action, scenes actually broke my heart.

Amazonian - Broken


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